Friday, May 10, 2013

rainbow salad

This was definitely a "what do we have in the house?" kind of salad. Full of delicious fresh veggies and leftover grilled asparagus, topped with flax and toasted almonds, and drizzled with a flax honey lime vinaigrette it makes a colorful and tasty spring and summer dish. Orange bell peppers and blueberries would turn this into a truly rainbow dish. To make this salad a meal or to entice the "where's the meat?" crowd, feel free to add bacon and hard boiled eggs.
*Ingredients: (in whatever quantities your heart desires)
organic spring mix
tomato: I used cherry and roma but heirloom would be great too
yellow corn, blanched in boiling water for a couple minutes then removed from cob
grilled asparagus (or other grilled vegetables)
bell peppers
red (purple) cabbage
bacon (optional)
hard boiled eggs (optional)
ground flax
sliced and toasted almonds (I used the very handy Almond Accents)

for the dressing:
equal parts balsamic vinegar and flax oil. Add to taste: fresh lime juice, honey and some salt and pepper

*all available at the one and only Green Barn

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