Wednesday, May 30, 2012

whole wheat flax tortillas

these are super healthy and tasty too of course. They work great for quesadillas or wraps
If you are like me you can sometimes get frustrated when looking for healthy products. My eyes are constantly being opened when I actually read the ingredient list. Even what may at first appear to be heathy and is promoted as such can be full of preservatives. Ideally we would all make most everything from scratch, but who has the time for that? (at least not all the time!) Here is one thing that is pretty easy to make at home and you can save extra in the fridge or freezer.

makes 8 tortillas

3 cups whole wheat flour
3 Tbsp ground flax seeds*
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
3 tsp oil (I used coconut)
1 cup warm water
seasoning if desired (you can add herbs, spices, garlic. I softened some rosemary with a rolling pin before adding)

1. Mix dry ingredients together. Add wet and kneed until not too stiff.
2. Wrap dough ball and let stand 10 minutes. Separate into 8 pieces and form into balls. Cover and let stand 10 minutes.
3. Roll out into 10" rounds. Stack on a plate and cover so they don't dry out.
4. Preheat pan or griddle to med-high, cook dough on ungreased surface, flipping when air pockets form, piercing bubbles. Cook until golden.

*use a blender to grind up whole flax seeds

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